What people are saying

‘In just one meeting, Jill was able to bring perfect clarity to a family dynamic that has been overwhelming us for years. She did not offer quick-fixes, but she assured us that there was hope, that we could all experience the fruit of change, and indeed we have.  She is wise and knowledgeable and listens intently. She has ushered in much-needed change in our family. We are deeply grateful.’  Laura, Oxford UK

‘Within 3 minutes of opening her mouth, I felt that Jill understood me as a parent, the challenges, frustrations, dreams and joys I have. She managed to make me laugh until I cried, while never losing the point she wanted us to understand, and I was equipped with practical, do-able techniques that are still in place today. Her wisdom is empowering, going into deep places with hope and passion. She is an instinctive communicator, who connects with people in the room as if we are her oldest friends, and motivated us all to make choices and changes that would work for our families. Jill speaks with respect for the uniqueness of each family, and urges us to play to our strengths.’ Rachel, Oxford, UK

‘After talking with Jill I feel empowered to be a mother. I feel confidence like I have not felt before when it comes to being a mom. Thank you!’  Karla, Chicago, IL

‘You really got me started taking action on some behavior in the kids that needed some attention (mainly just not following house rules and not getting their chores done). I felt motivated after talking to you.’  Betsy, Birmingham, AL